Hot Hot Honey

About the Game

Hot Hot Honey, Rollover Respins is a 3 row by 5 reel all scatters game featuring respins and increasing multiplier reel incrementors.

The actual payout equals the sum of the dynamic paytable values corresponding to each symbol won. Simultaneous or coinciding wins are added.

Sticky Scatter Pays

When 5 or more of the same symbols land on a single spin, these symbols will stick and activate the symbol counter below. 

The counter keeps track of how many of each symbol have been transformed to sticky honey. 

It is possible to activate the counter for more than one normal symbol if 5 of two different symbols land anywhere on the reels on the initial same spin.  Additional symbols can also be activated by getting 5 of the same non activated symbol on any respin as well. 

When at least one more of an activated symbol lands on a respin, the counter is incremented and non sticky symbol positions respin.  If no more symbols stick after a respin and there are not any full sticky columns, all pays are evaluated based on the number of sticky symbols counted on the counter below and are multiplied by the bee hive multiplier.

If there are full sticky reels, each column disappears and increases the multiplier.  The multiplier increases by +2 for each full column of 3 of the same female bees, and +1 for each full column of any other sticky symbol(s).  Columns then shift over to make space for new columns to replace the full ones.

If any of the replacement columns contain a symbol matching any of the activated sticky symbols, then those symbols will also stick, increasing the corresponding symbol counters and continuing the respins to try to get more sticky symbols for more respins and full stick columns for multipliers and more replacement columns.

If no replacement columns reveal a matching activated symbol, the spin ends and pays are evaluated with the multiplier as described above.  Full columns will continue to increase the multiplier up to a maximum of 100x.  The multiplier does not apply to the trail bonus, prizepots, or the free spin awards, but does apply to the pays of the bonus before entering.  During re-spins, only symbol positions that are not currently sticky positions respin, therefore only non-sticking positions are considered when counting more symbols.

Non Sticky Award symbols

During the initial base game spin and all respins, prizepot scatter symbols are accumulated and a prizepot is awarded if through the duration of respins 10 or more prizepot symbols land in total.  The Mini, Minor, Major or Mega prizepot is awarded for landing at least 10, 20, 30, or 40 prizpot symbols respectively.  Landing more than 40 prizepot symbols has no effect other than awarding the Mega prizepot reached at the threshold of 40 at the end of the respins.  If 20 or more prizepot symbols land, only the highest prizepot is awarded.  Prizepot collection is reset to zero for each and every paid spin. 

Free Spin and Bonus Symbols

Free spin and bonus symbols are also accumulated and awarded.  The trail bonus is awarded if at least 3 bonus symbols are accumulated, with an extra amount of credits awarded for each additional bonus symbol accumulated above 3.

Free spins are awarded if at least 3 free spin symbols are accumulated.  The number of free spins awarded equals the number of accumulated free spin symbols. In other words, 3 free spins are awarded for accumulating 3 free spins plus 1 extra free spin for each additional free spin symbol accumulated on a spin.

Free spins and the bonus can be awarded on the same spin in which case the free spins will first be played followed by the bonus.

Trail Bonus

During the trail Bonus the player spins repeatedly to receive from 1-6 pedals corresponding to the number of spaces the character moves.  Like a game board, the player lands on spaces, winning the prize award on the space or the feature if the player lands on a non-flower space. The features that can be won include:

The prize awards on each [flower] prize space range between 1x and 20x. Go back bee:  The next spin makes the player move from 1-6 spaces backwards instead of forwards.
Ninja Spider:  The character is killed and the bonus ends unless the player has any hearts in which case the player instead loses one heart.

Heart:  The player gains an additional heart to protect against the ninja Spiders killing her.  Hearts only appears on buy bonus options 2 and 3.

Super Wings:  The next spin will go twice as far as the number shown, moving from 2-12 spaces and winning every prize the player passes through instead of just the one that she lands on.  Super wings only appears on buy bonus options 2 and 3.

Mystery Prize:  A random prize between 50x the players bet and 500x the players bet is awarded.  Mystery Prize only appears on buy bonus options 2 and 3.

Grand Prizepot:  Located at the end of the board game trail, if the player makes it to this last space without getting killed by the ninja spiders, an additional award of 1000x is won on top of all the accumulated prizes already won and the bonus ends.

Free Spins

After triggering the free spins with 3 or more free spins, the player is awarded free spins equal to the number of free spin symbols that have landed when triggering the free spins.  Before starting the player picks one of the 15 boxes displayed to reveal a symbol.

This symbol has a much higher chance of landing than the rest, creating a much higher chance of both locking this symbol and having a lot of respins during the sticky feature.  Furthermore, prizepot progress and multiplier accumulation does not reset for the entire duration of the free spins.

A maximum of one prizepot is awarded, which occurs at the end of the free spins based on the progression of the number of prizepot symbols collected during the free spins.  Free spins and bonus games are played at the bet of the triggering spin.

Buy Bonus

Press the [Buy Bonus] button to enter the bonus buy confirmation screen.  Choose the stake of the bonus and press one of the three options to confirm the price to buy one of the three trail bonus options. 

Option 1 is the cheapest option but does not have any mystery prizes, hearts or super wings.

Option 2 trail bonus costs more to buy but has 2 mystery prize powerups, a heart, and 2 super wins on the trail that can be won.

Option 3 is the highest buy bonus bet option but has trails with 3 mystery prizes, 3 hearts, and 3 super wins. Each trail buy bonus has 3 different map configurations chosen randomly. 

All trail bonuses have the grand prizepot award on the last trail space.

Malfunction voids all pays and Play


Last modification date: 5/18/2023