Terminator Win and Spin


The Terminator featuring Win & Spin with Bonus Buy is a 5x4, 20 win line slot game featuring Bonus Buy and Win & Spin. 

How to Play

Spin the reels by pressing the 'SPIN' button to try to achieve 3, 4 or 5 of a kind reel wins.

Select the 'CHANGE STAKE' button to increase or decrease the size of the bet.


Press the 'AUTOPLAY' button to see the options. You must select the number of autoplay games, and your loss limit, before you have the option of starting the autoplay.

'Custom Loss Limit' refers to how much money you wish to lose before the auto play stops. For example, if you have 50 in your balance, and you choose a 20 loss limit, the auto play will stop as soon as your balance goes below 30, even if you have auto play games remaining.

You can either choose to accept the suggested loss limit, which is your stake multiplied by the number of autoplay games you have selected, or manually type in a loss limit by pressing the 'Custom

Loss Limit' button.

Choose the 'More settings' option if you wish to stop the autoplay when you win over a certain amount.

Select the 'AUTOPLAY' button during autoplay to stop them.

Turbo Mode

Enabling 'Turbo Mode' increases the speed of a game by speeding up the reel spin animation. This does not impact the outcome of the game.

Game Rules

All games are played with 20 win lines.

Wins can occur across any or all of the win lines.

Only the highest award is paid per winning combination.

All wins pay left to right on adjacent reels starting with the leftmost reel.

Wins on different played lines are added.

Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

You will lose your bet amount if you lose the game.

The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Cash symbol.

The wild symbol appears on all reels in the base.

Base Game Modifier

If any of the picture symbols land in full view on the first reel, then the base game modifier will start. The first reel, along with any other matching symbols in view, will lock in place, while the other symbols spin again. If more matching symbols land in view, then these will also lock in place, and the rest of the symbols will spin again.

This repeats until a spin happens where no new matching symbols land in view. The player is then awarded any wins in view.


Win & Spin Trigger

Landing 6 or more of the Cash symbols in view during the base game awards the Win & Spin bonus. 

The Cash symbols appear on all reels in the base game and the Win & Spin bonus.

Win & Spin Bonus

The number of Win & Spin symbols that landed in view to trigger the Bonus is the starting position of the player on the trail. The Terminator will start 3 spaces behind the player.
All Win & Spin symbols lock in place for the duration of the Win & Spin Bonus. The reels then spin and land. Only Win & Spin symbols or blank symbols can land. Any new Win & Spin symbols that land also lock in place for the duration of the Win & Spin Bonus.
If any new Win & Spin symbols land in view, then the player moves along the trail. How many Win & Spin symbols land in view is how many spaces the player moves. The Terminator will stay in the same position. If no new Win & Spin symbols land in view, then the player stays where they are, and the Terminator moves along 1 space on the trail. 
The Win & Spin Bonus ends either when The Terminator catches up to the player on the trail or the board is filled with Cash Symbols. If The Terminator catches up to the player before the board is filled, then the player is paid the total of the Win & Spin symbol values in view. If the player fills the board, they will get to spin the Grand Wheel where they can win an additional value which is added to the total of all of the Win & Spin symbol values in view. 

Cash Symbol

The Cash symbol is available on all reels in both the base game and the Win & Spin Bonus.

Cash symbols have a value presented on them that will be a multiple of the current stake.

These values are only awarded in the Win & Spin Bonus.

The available Cash symbol values are: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 (Mini), x20 (Minor), and x30 (Major).

Win & Spin trail Supply Packs

Along the trail there are 3 positions that contain Supply Packs. When a player lands, or passes over, one of these positions, the player is then presented with 3 Supply Packs to pick from for a bonus.

The Supply Pack can reveal one of the following bonuses:

Extra Lives: The Terminator gets pushed back between 1-3 spaces.

Collector: An additional symbol gets added to the board, its value will be equal to the sum of the rest of the symbols currently on the reels, and the player moves 1 space along the trail.

Upgrade Prize: A random number of symbols (excluding Collectors) on the board upgrade to either the Mini, Minor or Major Jackpot.

Cash Boost: A random number of symbols (excluding Jackpots and Collectors) on the board will have either 5, 10 or x20 stake added to their value.

Grand Wheel

The Grand Wheel is awarded when the whole board is filled with Win & Spin symbols during the Win & Spin Bonus. The Grand Wheel contains values ranging from x50 to x1000 the current stake.

Additional Features

Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy mode can be activated by pressing the Bonus Buy button.

Bonus Buy allows the player to purchase direct entry into the Win & Spin Bonus.

Buying the Bonus will force in at least 6 Cash symbols.

Bonus Buy is purchased for 80 times the current selected game stake.

Feature awards are determined by the current stake.

The average payback over multiple game cycles in the Bonus Buy mode is 94.50%

General Information

Game Recovery

In the event of an unexpected interruption/termination of a real play game, the game will recover to the last known state.

Payback Information

Your odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same. This reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of plays, over an extended period of time.

Any combination of wins in a single game is limited and will not exceed 250,000.00. It may not be possible to reach this limit in a single game from every stake configuration.

This game has been independently fairness tested.  

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 10/12/2023