Ultra Stack Feature Africa


Select your bet.

Press the Spin button to start a game cycle.


ULTRA STACK FEATURE AFRICA™, is based on wild adventure African theme. It is a 5-reel 50-line video slot game. A maximum of 200 Free Games can be won depending on the number of Feature symbols appearing when the feature is triggered. Special reels with increased Top symbol are used during the Free Games.


Title Icon Action
Spin  11 Initiates a reel spin.
Spin Stop 12
Stops the reel spin immediately. (wherever applicable)
Autoplay  13 Displays the Autoplay settings screen to show all available options to initiate multiple spins simultaneously.
Autoplay Stop  14 Press to stop Autoplay session manually.
Bet 1 1 Displays the bet per line options for the player to select the level of their Bet.
Menu 2 1 Displays a settings screen with the following options to choose: Bet Per Line, Info and Help.
Audio 3 Choose to enable/disable the sound.
Turbo Spin 4 Turn on/off to change the speed of the Spin to a faster/normal spin
Gamble 5 Start the gamble game - Press/Click the GAMBLE button at a win.
Collect 6 1 Collect the win or go back to the base game.


Title Icon Action
Paytable& Help 7 Choose to view the Paytable and feature descriptions for the game.
Bet Per Line. 8 Displays the Bet per line Options available for the player to select and change the level of their bet
Setting Close 9 Close the window.
Max 10 Display the maximum bet.



Bet – Shows the value of bet of the current setting.

Bet per line – Shows the current bet per line.

Spin Button – Starts the game. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the Stop Button. Press the Stop Button to stop the reels immediately.

Max – Display the maximum bet.

Autoplay – Player can set the game to spin without the need to press the spin button every time. You can choose the number of spins to play automatically by selecting through the various options available in the menu. The loss limit (wherever applicable) may avert you from losing above set limit during autoplay session. Autoplay can be manually stopped by pressing Stop Autoplay button.

Win – Displays the win for the current or last win paid. All wins are shown in currency.

Credits – Displays the credit amount of the player.


- (Scatter Symbol) appearing on 3 or more consecutive reels beginning with the leftmost reel trigger ULTRA STACK FREE GAMES.

- When ULTRA STACK FREE GAMES are triggered, a number appears on each (Scatter Symbol) that was involved in triggering the FEATURE.

- The sum of the numbers that appeared is awarded as free games in ULTRA STACK FREE GAMES.

- 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 free games are awarded for each (Scatter symbol).

- The number of free games awarded for 1 set of ULTRA STACK FREE GAMES ranges from 3 to 200 games.

- Different reels are used during ULTRA STACK FREE GAMES.

- All bets and lines played during FREE GAMES are the same as the game that triggered FREE GAMES.

- FREE GAMES can be triggered again during the FREE GAMES.


- If an animated diamond is randomly displayed on the game screen while the reels are spinning during a base game or free game, 3 or more (Scatter Symbol) appear.

- If a large quantity of animated diamonds are then subsequently displayed, the appearing (Scatter Symbol) move up or down to show 4 consecutive (Scatter Symbol).

- All wins are determined after the Diamond Action animation is complete and the movement of all reels has ended.


- To enter the gamble game after a win, Press the GAMBLE button

- Select Red or Black or Collect.

- If the color selected corresponds with the face of the card, which is thus revealed, the win is doubled.

- Win is doubled if red/black selection is correct.

- If not, the win is lost. The screen automatically returns to the game.

- Wins may be gamble up to 5 times.

- Gamble feature is not available after Free Games.

- All wins are displayed under "WIN" meter

- Gamble will not be offered for main game wins part of feature trigger and feature wins

- Gamble will not be offered during Autoplay.


- This game requires a minimum of 50 CREDITS to play.

- All wins on consecutive reels beginning with the leftmost reel.

- Scatter wins are determined when scatter appears on 3 or more consecutive reels beginning with the leftmost reel.

- Only highest scatter winning combination is paid.

- Wins on different lines are added

- Scatter wins are added to line wins.

- All wins multiplied by bet per line except scatters.

- Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.

- Free Games wins are added to line wins.

- Only Highest win paid on each line.


Home: - Player can return to lobby by selecting this button.

Sound: - Choose to enable/disable the game sounds.


Autoplay settings screen pops-up at the left bottom of the game screen on accessing autoplay button, the screen contains following options.

Number of spins:

  • Select number of Auto spins as per available choice.
  • Autoplay Advanced Settings (wherever applicable).
  • Loss Limit: Stops autoplay spins if selected limit reached.
  • Win Limit: Stops autoplay spins if selected limit reached.
  • Single win limit: Stops autoplay spins if selected limit reached.
  • Stop to any win: Stops on any wins.


Reality check (wherever applicable): The Reality check feature may displays as a periodic in-game notifications for the real money players. Game gets suspended whenever the check appears during

game play and only resumes once the player has acknowledged the check and has taken displayed actions.

“Back to game”:- Notifying player to resume the game

“To Lobby”:- Quits the current game (after a final prompt) and back to the Operators Main Game Menu Screen.


Spacebar to spin: - Press Space bar to spin and stop the reels.


In case of any malfunction of hardware or software during the game play, all current game bets and payouts are considered void and all bets affected are refunded.

RTP: - The return to player of the game is 97.93%