4 The Loot


Wins on multiple lines are added together.

All line wins pay from left to right on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel.

Only highest line win is paid on each active pay line.

The Base Game reel strips contain symbols that change into one of the following symbols at the start of each game:


All changed symbol positions on all reels change into the same symbol.

2is wild and substitutes for all symbols except  3 and 9

2 only appears on reels 2,3,4.


.6 or 3more appearing anywhere on the reels awards the respin feature.

The 9 counts two towards the 6 or more trigger symbol count.

8 respins are awarded.

The respin feature is played on four 3x5 reel layouts.

These layouts will be called GRAND reel layout, MAJOR reel layout, MINOR reel layout and MINI reel layout.

Each of the sixty resulting reel positions become independent reels.

The triggering 3 will be randomly distributed among the four reel sets at the start of the respin feature, including two3  for each 9 in the triggering base game spin.

These3 display a randomly chosen credit prize and are held for the remainder of the feature.

During the 4 The Loot Feature, there will be 3 different types of Bonus symbols:.34,5

At the end of each respin any3 that appears will display a randomly chosen credit prize and is held for the remainder of the respin feature.

At the end of each respin any4 symbol that appears will add one to the number of respins remaining and is held for the remainder of the respin feature.

At the end of each respin any 5symbol that appears will randomly reveal a x2, x3, x5, x10, or x25 multiplier that is then applied to one of the currently held credit prizes, randomly selected from any of the four reel sets.

This symbol5 is then held for the remainder of the respin feature.

At the end of a respin if any of the four reel sets have all their remaining positions filled then the Bonus Prize corresponding to that reel set will be awarded.

Each Bonus Prize can only be awarded once per feature at the end of the respin that filled all the remaining positions in that Bonus Prize’s reel set.

All four Bonus Prizes can be won in a single respin feature.

The Bonus Prize level awards are as follows:

Grand Bonus Prize $10,000.00

Major Bonus Prize $400.00

Minor Bonus Prize $100.00

Mini Bonus Prize $40.00

When the respin feature is completed, the player is awarded all the held credit prizes.

Bonus Prize values are multiplied by the current bet multiplier.

The Bonus Prize values displayed on screen are premultiplied by the current bet level multiplier.

Feature ends when 0 respins remain or when all four reel sets have all their positions filled with held bonus symbols.

There are no line pays during the respin feature.

Different reels are used during the respin feature.

The value of the randomly chosen credit prize will be 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 1.2, 1.4, 2, 2.4, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 X total bet

The x25 multiplier can only be applied to prizes less than 20x total bet.


When a full stack of three 7symbols is spun up on REEL 1 that stack will be replicated on one or more other reels.

This replication is displayed before the remaining reels 2 to 5 stop spinning.

Once the copied reels are placed, and the reels stop spinning, the win evaluations will happen as per usual.


The RESPIN feature can be instantly triggered from the base game by buying it for 100 x current total bet.

When buying the RESPIN feature it will start with a randomly chosen 9x 3, 12 x 3, or 15x9

in the base game spin.

Buy a Bonus feature RTP is: 95.50%


Game starts by setting a selected Bet amount and by pressing the Spin button. Round ends when reels stop and there are no wins, or after the win presentation if there are wins.


Game menu contains options and settings that control some of the game features:

History - Displays previous rounds from the current session

Close Game - Closes the game client

Sound - Controls the Sound FXs in the game (on/off)

Music - Controls the Music in the game (on/off)

Left Hand Mode (where available) - Controls the position of the UI on Mobile devices

Vibrate (where available) - Controls the vibration on the Mobile devices (on/off)

Game is paused while the menu is visible and can be closed by pressing the Close button or anywhere on the screen.


Game starts with a default Bet amount set for the game. Player can change the Bet amount by either:

Using Plus and Minus buttons next to the Bet Amount

Pressing the Bet amount where Bet Amount selector will open up

Bet amount cannot be changed during a game round and if there is a win presentation happening, changing bet Amount will reset the presentation.


Autoplay mode enables automatic play of game. It can be enabled or disabled at any time during the Base game. Autoplay mode is enabled by pressing the Autoplay button which allows the player to select:

Number of rounds to be played automatically

Loss Limit (where available) - Disables the Autoplay mode if Balance is reduced by more than Loss Limit amount.

Stop on Bonus Feature (where available) - Disables the Autoplay mode when Bonus game or Free games are triggered.

Stop on Win above (where available)- Disables the Autoplay mode when there is a single round win exceeding the amount entered.

Autoplay button will display the remaining number of spins to be played automatically.

Pressing on the Autoplay button while Autoplay mode is enabled will reset the number of Rounds and disable the Autoplay mode.


Malfunction of the game voids all pays. In case the game round is interrupted, it can be restored by simply starting the game again, within the period of 90 days.

After that period, the incomplete round will be void.


14Start a game round. You can also use a space bar (desktop only)

15Change the bet amount for the round to be played

16Display autoplay mode settings (where available)

17Open menu

18Display/Hide game rules

19Turn the music/sound submenu.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Last modification date: 11/21/2023