Fortune Frog Skillstar

Fortune Frog Skillstar is a Bet 40, 40-line 4x5 Reel slot game with a Skillstar minigame and Free Games Feature with Coin Catch Bonus.During regular play, the goal is to achieve a winningv combination of symbols by matching symbols on at least reels 1, 2 and 3. Payouts depend on the number of coins played and the winning combination of symbols achieved.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 96.07% with any bet.

Free Games – Coin Catch Bonus

  • 3, 4 or 5 SCATTERS triggers 8, 12 or 20 Free Games respectively.
  • Frog and Frog5x are WILD and substitute for all coins during Free Games (cannot substitute for each other).
  • Frogs can catch Coins or Ingot during Free Games only.
  • Frogs catch Coins, adding their prize tag totals to your payout.
  • Frogs catch Ingots to award 1, 2, 3 or 5 Free Games.
  • Any Frog and/or Frog5x without a Coin or Ingot awards 1 and 5 Free Game(s) respectively.
  • Any payline win with Frog5x pays 5 times.
  • Any catching win with Frog5x pays 5 times
  • Frog5x multiplies Free Games by 5 times when awarded with Ingot.
  • Free Games are played at the triggering lines and bet.
  • Free Games cannot be retriggered.


  • Use the up/down arrows on the screen or the up/down keyboard keys to control the bridge.
  • Save as many frogs as you can.
  • Game ends when 3 frogs are missed and swamped into the waterfall.
  • Climb your way up the leader board with the highest score.
  • This game does not affect the RTP in any way. It is merely to be played for fun before the normal game bonus starts.
  • This game is optional and can be skipped with the skip button.
  • Patent Pending. U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 16869580.

Bonus Buy

  • Bonus Buy allows the player to instantly trigger the Bonus.
  • Bonus Buy presents 2 options for the player: "Buy" and "Gamble" 
  • The cost of the "Buy" and "Gamble" options are displayed above the respective button.
  • Selecting "Buy" gives the player the option to purchase the Bonus for 50x the current stake.
  • “Gamble” gives the player a chance to win the Bonus.
  • The higher the Gamble bet the higher chance to win the Bonus.
  • The minimum gamble amount is 6.25x your current bet and maximum is 37.5x your bet.
  • “Buy" purchase & successful "Gamble" guarantee Bonus.
  • Bonus Buy is available in selected jurisdictions


  • 40 Coins plays 40 lines.
  • Lady is WILD and substitutes for all symbols except SCATTER.
  • All wins begin with the leftmost reel and pay left to right on consecutive reels, except SCATTER which pays any. 
  • Paylines wins are multiplied by the bet multiplier.
  • All wins are multiplied by the bet multiplier, except SCATTER which are multiplied by the total bet.
  • All wins on selected paylines only except SCATTER.
  • Wins on different paylines are added.
  • Scatter wins are added to payline wins.
  • Highest win only on each selected payline.
  • Payouts are made according to the Paytable.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

How to Play

Step 1: Choose your BET

Step 2: SPIN

Paytable amounts are fixed and prizes are multiplied by the Bet Multiplier, except Scatter which is multiplied by the total bet.

The game displays all your details in the following display fields

Balance: Displays your total balance

Win: Displays the amount won in the spin

Total Bet: Displays the total wager staked

Total Win: Displays the accumulated wins during free games.

Free Game: Displays the number of free games played together with the total number of free games awarded.


Total Bet menu to adjust bet.
Picture2 SPIN 
Spins the reels.
The SPACE BAR can also be used to spin when playing on Desktop. 
View and set AUTOPLAY options.
Displays the remaining amount of AUTOPLAY spins, click this button to STOP AUTOPLAY and return to normal play mode.
Picture5 STOP/SKIP 
During Base Game button will STOP the reel spin. During Free Games button will STOP the reel spin or SKIP to the next spin.
Picture6 MENU
View the MENU, giving access to PAYTABLE, BET, AUTOPLAY, SETTINGS, HOME and CASHOUT tabs.
Picture7 MUTE
Mutes sound and ambient volumes.
Picture7 UNMUTE
Unmutes sound and ambient volumes.


View game rules and pay awards for winning symbol combinations.
Picture10 AUTOPLAY
View available AUTOPLAY options. 
AUTOPLAY allows automatic consecutive normal game plays.
Picture11 TOTAL BET
View available bet options.
TOTAL BET equals the Bet Multiplier x the coin value.
Picture12 SETTINGS
View available sound settings.
Picture13 HOME
Closes MENU and returns to the game.
Picture14 CASHOUT
Closes Game and returns to casino’s main menu.


Picture15 This is the Bonus Buy buttons that allows access to the Bonus Buy functionality.
Picture16 Buy Button to confirm purchase at price displayed.
Picture17 Gamble Button to confirm purchase at current Gamble bet and current odds of trigger.
Picture18 +/- to increase / decrease the Gamble Bet and increase / decrease odds of trigger. 

Last modification date: 4/6/2022