Fate of the 8

Power Wheel  Feature

How to Play

  • 3 Power Wheel scatter triggers the Power Wheel  feature.
  • Power Wheel scatter only appears on reels 1,3 & 5.
  • Press spin to land on one of the following wedge awards shown below.

Jackpot Wedge Awards

  • Players will be awarded the corresponding jackpot wedge award shown on the Power Wheel .
  • Once the player receives the award shown, the Power Wheel  feature is over.
  • Jackpot wins are determined when the Power Wheel  stops.

Credit Wedge Awards

  • If a credit wedge stops on the outer wheel, the player receives the award shown on the wedge and then spins the inner wheel.
  • The inner wheel awards a 4X, 3X, or 2X multiplier, or a re-spin of the outer wheel.
  • If an inner wheel multiplier is awarded, the credit award will be multiplied by the amount shown and the Power Wheel  feature is over. Multiplier awards only apply to the current spin & do not affect credit awards from previous spins of the wheel.
  • If the inner wheel re-spin is won, one more spin of the wheel is awarded.  The re-spin award will the not be available on the inner wheel during the re-spin of the wheel.

Bonus Wedge Awards

  • If the Power Wheel  stops on a bonus wedge, the player will be prompted to spin the inner wheel.
  • Spin the inner wheel to be awarded either a 38, 28, 18 or 8 level Koi Catch Bonus.

Koi Catch Bonus

Game Rules

  • Landing on the bonus wedge during the Power Wheel  spin awards the Koi Catch Bonus  game.
  • Players are awarded 38, 28, 18 or 8 initial picks during the Koi Catch Bonus.
  • Touch the screen to catch the koi fish.
  • For each koi fish that is selected, one of the awards shown on the above award table can be awarded.
  • The +1 pick awards one additional pick in addition to the credits.
  • The bonus game is over when the number of picks reaches zero.
  • Interactions with the touch screen during the Koi Catch Bonus is merely for entertainment purposes and does not have any impact on game outcome.

Instant Stacks  Feature

  • When a full stack (3 vertically) of Instant Stacks scatter symbols F8 land on the reels, the Instant Stacks credit value shown is awarded.
  • Instant Stacks scatter symbols only appear on reels 2 & 4.
  • Instant Stacks feature pays in addition to line wins & is not based on any pay lines and functions as a scatter award.

Additional Information

  • Bet a minimum of XX credits to play all 30 pay lines.
  • All winning line symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels beginning with the far left reel, excluding Power Wheel scatter and Instant Stacks scatters.
  • Only the highest winner paid per winning combination.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 94.08%


Last modification date: 3/16/2021