Ancient Thunder

General Keno Rules

  • Mark up to ten numbers by selecting them on the grid, set bet level and press draw button to begin game.
  • One the minimum required number of spots have been marked and a bet has been made, the draw button will be activated.
  • Press draw to begin the game only after marking and betting your desired spots.
  • 20 numbers will be randomly drawn and displayed on the screen as either misses or hits.
  • A hit is shown when a drawn number matches any player marked number.
  • The player is paid according to the pay table after all 20 numbers are drawn.
  • Only top winner paid for each game.
  • Pressing the draw button after the last draw is done will automatically start a new game draw using the same marked numbers and bet amount as the previous game.
  • Pressing the bet max button will be the maximum allowable amount on the game
  • Change marked numbers by using the screen to mark and unmark numbers.
  • The Clear Button can be used to clear all marked numbers prior to a game.
  • The quick pick button will randomly mark the same number of spots as was played on the previous game.
  • If no previous game has been played, quick pick will mark ten numbers.
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Ancient Thunder Keno is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 spot draw, and 15 bonus spots.

The player may select up to 10 spots.

15 Bonus spots are randomly selected.  Hitting a bonus spot will show a matching hit on the bonus legend on the left of the keno grid.

When a bonus spot legend is filled with hits, the bonus for that character will be triggered.

Touch any bonus legend for a description of that bonus.

The wheel spin Bonus is triggered when all 5 Zeus Bonus symbols are hit.

The Wheel Spin bonus has twelve available awards and the player has two available spins.

After the first Spin, the player may take the displayed award, or spin again and take the award from the last spin.

The maximum win is available in the Wheel Spin Bonus with the maximum bet and a hit on the spot that pays 20,000 times the bet.

After One minute of inactivity the bonus will begin the spin, after which the player can continue play as normal or remain inactive and the wheel will spin the final time.

Free Games are triggered when all 4 Poseidon Bonus symbols are hit The number of Free Games depends on the number of spots the player sele3lcted in the base game.

All bonuses are available during Free Games and the bonus multiplier increases by one, any time the multiplier coin is hit up to a maximum of 5X.

List of Free Game counts by Spot – 10- Spots: 10 Games, 9 Spots: 11 Games, 8 Spots: 11 games, 7 Spots: 12 Games, 6 Spots: 14 Games, 5 Spots, 13 Games, 4 Spots: 14 Games, 3 Spots: 14 Games.

During an auto-shutdown, the Free Games will continue to play until process is complete, at which point any remaining Free Games will be awarded to the player based on the average return of the Free Games of 2X the current bet.

Extra draws are triggered when all 3 Helios Bonus symbols are hit.

The starting number of extra draws is 5 at all bet levels.

When extra draws are triggered all draws will be used, and the extra draw count will reset to the default amount for the current bet level.

Extra draws cap at 20 draws for all bet levels.

Extra Draw increase is triggered when both Athena Bonus Symbols are ht.

When an Extra Draw increase is triggered, one extra draw will be added to the Extra Draw Pool for the current bet level.

The Extra Draw increase bonus is unavailable once the extra draw cap of 20 draws is reached.

Bonus multiplier is triggered when the Multiplier Coin symbol is hit.  The bonus multiplier also applies to the Zeus Wheel Spin Bonus.  In a regular game, the bonus multiplier will double the win amount, and the multiplier will reset on the next normal play.

During Free Games, the bonus multiplier does not reset between games.  Every time the multiplier coin is hit during free games, the bonus multiplier will increase by 1X up to a maximum of 5X.

Any multiplied win amount that would go over the maximum win amount will cap at the maximum win amount.

Last modification date: 8/25/2020