Sovereign Lion


Minimum bet is 9 credits. All pays are on selected lines only from the leftmost reel to the right on adjacent reels. Highest win only on each lit line. Wins on different lit lines are added. All wins are shown in currency. Line wins are multiplied by credits wagered per line. Malfunction voids all pays and plays. A player cannot influence the result of a game by stopping the reel spins. Player is responsible for ensuring correct credits are registered before play. The game display does not indicate how close you were to winning, and cannot necessarily be used to determine your chances of winning or losing if you continue to play. [FULL LION] is equivalent to [LION FACE] for line wins. Color of [1x DIAMOND], [5x DIAMOND], [LION FACE] or [FULL LION] is determined before they stop on the reel. [LION FACE] or [FULL LION] wins are determined by color (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN OR MIX.) 

[1x DIAMOND] and [5x DIAMOND] appear on reel 2 only. [1x DIAMOND] and [5x DIAMOND] substitute for [RED LION], [BLUE LION], [YELLOW LION], [GREEN LION], [3 BAR], [2 BAR] and [1 BAR] during the primary game. Any wins with [5x DIAMOND] are multiplied by 5.  


3 [TRIGGER] in any position trigger the Fortune Spinner feature. 3 free spins are awarded and the free spins are played on 2nd reel only. During the free spins, the pays are determined by the symbol that lands on the center line of reel 2. Only [5x DIAMOND], [1x DIAMOND], [RED LION], [BLUE LION], [YELLOW LION], [GREEN LION], [3 BAR], [2 BAR], [1 BAR] and [SCATTER] occur during the free spins. When [SCATTER] occurs on reel 2, 2 additional free spins are awarded. All Fortune Spinner feature wins are multiplied by the bet per line times the number of lines played.

Last modification date: 8/11/2022