Armadillo Artie Gone Wild

User Interface

89‘+’ / ‘-’ buttons increase / decrease the bet value — the bet value is the total bet per game round.

3Starts a game round at the current bet value.

Bet Definitions

Current Bet: The current bet is the value that appears above8

Minimum Bet: The minimum bet is the lowest possible bet value, which is selected by pressing 9until the bet value no longer decreases.

Bet Multi plier: The bet multiplier is defined as the current bet divided by the minimum bet.

Additional Information

The overall return to player is95.70%.

The game outcomes are determined by a random number generator that has been certified by an approved test house.

Incomplete games will be stored for a minimum of 15 minutes. Returning to an incomplete game allows the player to complete the incomplete game round. If a game is incomplete for longer than the

stated time period, the game will be auto resolved and any winnings credited to the player’s account.

Misuse and malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The above 2 points may be subject to further terms, conditions and processes of the gaming site operator

Multiplier Wilds

12is a Multiplier Wild and substitutes for all symbols.

12appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

If 1 or more Multiplier Wilds substitute in a line win, that line pay is multi plied by each multi plier present on the line.

Flipping Wilds Feature

The Flipping Wilds Feature is initiated if 14lands next to13.

During the Flipping Wilds Feature, the 14will flip over the to 13the adjacent reel.

After flipping once14, can flip again if there is an additional 13present.

14may flip upto 4 times.

12does not initiate the Flipping Wilds Feature.

Last modification date: 8/23/2022