Aztec Myths


  • Setting 'LINES': Fifty lines are selected by default. Lines can be changed by clicking ◄ and ► buttons available to the Left & Right of the 'LINES' indicator on the game screen respectively. Selected lines are lit and unselected lines are not lit. Player can also select/deselect lines by clicking on the desired line number at the beginning or at the end of the lines.
  • Setting 'BETS': When you enter the game, a default bet of $ 0.25 per line is set for all 50 lines, resulting in a total bet of $ 12.50. You can choose to increase or decrease the bet per line by using the ◄ and ► buttons available to the Left & Right of the 'BETS' indicator on the game screen respectively. If your game balance drops below your total bet placed, bet and lines will not get adjusted to the next possible bet instead Re-buy window will appear. If you have no funds in your account, the deposit option will pop up.
  • The number of selected lines is multiplied by the 'bet per line', and the total bet amount is displayed in the 'TOTAL BET' meter, which is located at the bottom Left of the game screen.
  • 'PAYTABLE': The 'PAYTABLE' screen can be viewed by clicking on the 'PAYTABLE' button located above the 'CREDIT' meter. You can go back to the game by clicking on the 'GAME' button.
  • PAYLINES’: The ‘PAYLINES’ screen can be viewed by clicking on the ‘PAYLINES’ button located besides the ‘SPIN’.
  • WIN AMOUNT CALCULATION: To calculate the Line win, multiply the respective prize with the bet per line. To calculate the scatter wins, multiply the prize with total bet.
  • RULES: Game rules screen can be viewed by clicking on 'RULES' button which is located to the right and just below the 'PAYTABLE' button. You can go back to the game by clicking on the ' GAME' button.
  • SPIN: Click on SPIN to start spinning the reels. After the reels stop spinning, any winning combinations on the selected lines, or any scatter wins, will be paid according to the Paytable.
  • RESULT: Any wins are indicated by their paylines highlighted and symbols animating or, in the case of a scatter win, by the symbols animating. The individual line wins are shown at the end of each winning line. Also Total win amount is shown in the ticker message area at bottom of the reels.
  • Repeat Bet/Change Bet: If you have already bet, the settings selected will be automatically carried over to the subsequent spin if there is sufficient amount. Simply click on 'SPIN' to play with the same bet again. To change your bet, use the ◄ and ► buttons near the 'BETS' or 'LINES' indicators as explained above.
  • CREDIT: Your remaining game balance, after you have placed the desired bet, is shown in 'CREDIT' meter i.e. the current game balance minus the total bet placed.
  • Your current game balance is the sum of the amounts displayed in the 'CREDIT' meter and the 'TOTAL BET' meter.
  • Click on 'GAME LOGS' to view the logs of the games you've played. Always the logs of the previous games can be viewed but not for the last game.
  • Click on 'GAME RULES' to view the detailed rules of the game as web page.
  • Click on 'REBUY' to buy more credits into the game from your Account.
  • Click on 'EXIT GAME' to leave the game and return to the Lobby.
  • Click on 'QUICK DEPOSIT' button to deposit money into your Account.
  • The game rules are identical in both real money and play money modes.
  • The "GAME LOGS" and "REBUY" functionality is applicable only for the real money game play.


  • Play 1 to 50 lines.
  • Pay-outs are made according to the Paytable.
  • LINES can be changed by using the ◄ and ► buttons.
  • BET amount can be changed by using the ◄ and ► buttons.
  • SPIN begins the game with the currently selected BET and LINES.
  • MAX BET selects 50 lines and maximum bet per line.
  • Pay-outs are displayed on the PAYTABLE.
  • Payline wins are multiplied by the amount bet per line.
  • Highest win amount is paid on each selected Payline.
  • Coinciding wins on different lit lines are all added to your total.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet and added to Payline wins.
  • All symbols pay left to right starting with the left most reel except scatters.
  • Scatters pay anywhere.
  • All wins on selected lines only, except scatters.
  • Aztec Myths Logo substitutes for all other symbols except Scattered Temple symbols.
  • Aztec Myths Logo appears only on reels 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Aztec Myths Logo works only in conjunction with other symbols except the Scattered Temple symbols.
  • Malfunctions Voids all Pays and Plays.


Aztec Myths Free Spins Game:

  • The Aztec Myths feature is triggered when three or more scattered Temple symbols appear anywhere in view.
  • If 3 or more Scattered Temple’s symbols are in view, then the number of free spins and multiplier denoted against the indicator on that sixth reel are awarded and the free spins are played out.
  • The number of free spins and free spins multiplier denoted are random.
  • Number of free spins awarded with each trigger range from 8 to 25 and the multiplier awarded with each trigger ranges from 2 to 10.
  • All prizes during free spins are multiplied by the denoted free spins multiplier.
  • Free spins can retrigger free spins and award the same number as originally awarded when triggered.
  • Free spins are played at the same number of lines and bet per line of the triggering game.
  • Free spin wins are added to Payline and scatter wins.


Click on PAYTABLE button in the main game screen, game will pan down to Paytable screen.



Click on "RULES" button in the Paytable screen, Paytable screen will pan down to Rules screen.

RTP is 95.53%.


Click on "PAYLINES" button in the Rules screen, game will navigate to Paylines screen.


Last modification date: 7/1/2020