Top o' the Money - Pots of Wealth


- This page contains Information on how to play this game.

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Getting started

- This game is a game for one player • the gameplay of other players does not affect yours. Each game starts when you place a bet and ends when you leave the application.


- You choose the total bet per round via the 'Total Bet" button.

- The minimum bet per round is  0.20.

- The maximum bet per round is  200.00.

- The 'Stare button begins a round of play. - Each round is independent of previous rounds.

- All game outcomes are independent and randomly determined.

- When you start a round, the bet is deducted from the balance you've paid in.

- At the end of a round, the console displays your win, if any.

Win Lines

- This game has 5 reels and 40 win lines.

- You can find an overview of the win line pattern via "Paytable & Info'.


Clicking on 'Auto" will bring up the Autoplay-dialogue where you can configure the following options before starting the automatic spins:

- The number of rounds you want Autoplay to be active. - The loss limit at which Autoplay should stop.

- The win limit at which Autoplay should stop after meeting or exceeding it. - By clicking ''OK", you start the automatic spins with the chosen configuration. If "Autoplay is activated the button label becomes green. Clicking it again stops the automatic spins. Autoplay stops automatically when the total bet is higher than your current funds. Autoplay stops automatically when a feature is awarded.


- Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the paytable.

- Symbol payout values shown in the paytable are dynamic and change in accordance with the selected bet value.

- All prizes are for combinations of a kind, consecutive from left to right on selected lines.

- Only the highest win per line is paid.

- Line wins are added.

RTP Range

- The theoretical RTP (return to player) value for this game is 95.16 %.

- The theoretical RTP is calculated as total win/total bet over a large number of games played and reflects the prizes awarded by a game as a percentage of all bets made. The actual RTP can vary widely in either direction for a small number of games due to statistical variance.

Connection Loss

- In case you lose your network connection, the game will complete the current round of play.

- If you reconnect into the game earlier, you are able to continue playing the current round.

- This Includes all settings such as number of lines and bet.

- If this round contains multiple spins (e.g. free games feature), the game will determine your winnings based on the game's expected win values.
- Malfunction voids all pays and plays.



- For higher wins or during autoplay, gambling is not possible 

Last modification date: 6/21/2022