About the Game

Franksylvania is a 4 row by 5 reel, 25 lines game paying left to right featuring a variety of random features, a bloody party bonus, and a trail bonus with collections and a top prizepot.

The actual payout equals the sum of the dynamic paytable values corresponding to each line won. Simultaneous or coinciding wins are added.

Random Features

At the begging of each spin, there is a chance of triggering the following features before the reels stop spinning

Random Wilds – Random positions on the reels are substituted with wild symbols.  From 1 to 4 wilds can be awarded with each trigger.

Wild Reel – Every position on Randomly selected Reels are substituted with wild symbols.  From 1 to 3 wilds can be awarded with each trigger.

Colossal Reels – Randomly selected adjacent reels will fuse together to form a larger reel.  The fused reels spin larger images on the reels.  Every position that the larger image occupies counts as an individual 1x1 symbol on the reels for determining wins on the lines after the reels stop.  Fused Reels range from creating 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 big symbols during the feature.

Random Multiplier – A Random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x is displayed at beginning of spin and applies to all line wins.

Furthermore, after each reel spin the following features may also be triggered

Symbol Upgrade – All of a lower symbol chosen at random that is visible on the reels are upgraded to a randomly selected higher paying symbol.  The number of symbols upgraded equals the number of the lower symbol chosen that are on the reels.  For example, if the lower symbol chosen is the spade, and there are 4 spades on the screen, 4 symbols are upgraded.

Instant Win – Awards a random credit amount from 1x to 200x

Trail Bonus Collections

During the base game special symbols are collected to enhance the trail bonus as follows:

Hearts – Every 4 hearts collected during the base game on a bet level accumulates an extra heart.  A maximum of 3 hearts can be collected per bet level.  If the Vampire lands on an RIP tombstone, a heart is used up and the Vampire will continue the bonus.  If the Vampire lands on an RIP tombstone with no hearts remaining the bonus ends.

Gargoyle and candles – Candles collected increases the pay when landing on a gargoyle in the trail bonus.  If no candles have been collected when entering the trail bonus, landing on the gargoyle awards 10x when the Vampire lands on it.  For each candle collected at a bet level during the base game, this initial 10x win amount is increase by an additional 5x bet award up to a maximum total of 60x award for landing on the gargoyle after 10 or more candles are collected.  For example, landing on a gargoyle in the trail bonus after accumulating 5 candles and then triggering the trail bonus would award 35x bet win for the vampire landing on that space.  After awarding the gargoyle award the amount is reset to 10x with 0 collected candles.  The max amount of candles that can be collected per bet level until the award is won and reset is 10

Zombie dog and dog bones – Every 4 dog bone symbols collected increases a multiplier applied to the Zombie Dog award.  The multiplier starts at 1x and is capped at 5x after 16 or more dog bone symbols are collected for the zombie dog collection in the base game for the current bet level.  After awarding the zombie dog with all the dog bones the dog bones collected are reset to 0 and the multiplier is thus reset back to 1x.  The max amount of dog bone symbols that can be collected at each bet level before resetting is 16.  As each dog bone symbol collects 0.25 of a dog bone multiplier, collecting 16 or more dog bone symbols caps the max multiplier of the stockingzombie dog at 5x.

Super potion – One of the spaces on the trail bonus is occupied with a super potion, which collects the awards of all coins the Vampire passes by at a 1x multiplier.  Collecting super potions in the base game before triggering the trail bonus increases this multiplier by 1x, up to a maximum of 4x multiplier after collecting 3 or more super potions in the base game before triggering the bonus.  This multiplier is applied to the sum of the coin wins the Vampire flies through.  After landing on the super potion during the trail bonus, the super potion multiplier is reset to 1x.  The max amount of potions collected for each bet level is capped at 3, thus collecting more than 3 potions will not have an effect on the multiplier when it is maxed at 4x.

The collected boosters and feature is specific to each bet level and changing the bet will restore the previously stored symbols in the trail bonus collections meter

Trail Bonus

3 Bonus Symbols triggers the trail bonus.   There are three different trial bonus board map configurations.  When starting the bonus one of the three board maps are chosen randomly with equal odds.  The positions of the items on each board map are different, and the 2000x prizepot is at the end of the map for all three options.

During the trail bonus our Vampire begins at the start of a game board with a trail of spaces each with an award, feature, or RIP Tombstones.  A random number from 1 to 6 is displayed indicating the number of spaces the Vampire moves rightward, landing on the spaces on the trail again and again like in a board game.  After each random move from 1 to 6, the player is given the item on the space landed.  This process continues until the player lands on a RIP Tombstone with 0 hearts remaining. Alternatively, if the player makes it to the end of the trail, there is a prizepot award of 2000x which will be awarded while simultaneously ending the bonus.  The Vampire begins with the number of hearts collected before entering the trail bonus.  Furthermore, the award amounts of the gargoyle spaces and the zombie dog spaces depend on the amount of the items collected in the base game.  The following items on the game space includes:

[Coins] – Awards credit amounts displayed on the space.  Credit amount range from 1x – 200x

[Back x Spaces] – the player will be moved back a random amount of spaces randomly chosen from 1 to 6

[Super Potion] – The next move after landing on this item collects all awards the Vampire flies through.  For example, if the vampire lands on the Super Potion and 5 is displayed in the trail bonus, then all 5 awards are collected, not just the one 5 spaces away and any multiplier added from collections is multiplied by the sum of these 5 spaces.

[Zombie Dog] - Awards all [Coins] that are within 1, 2, or 3 positions from this item.  The random range amount from 1 to 3 when landing on the item is determined randomly from a weighted table.  The sum of all these awards are then multiplied by the number of full collections of [Dog Bone] when triggering the trail bonus.  Collecting 4 dog bone symbols in the base game awards 1 full collection of a dog bone for the trail bonus, up to a maximum of 4 dog bone collections.

[Gargoyle] – Landing on the Gargoyle awards 10x plus an additional 5x for each candle under the tree Gargoyle up to a maximum of a 60x award.

[RIP Tombstone] – Landing on an RIP Tombstone will end the bonus unless the Vampire has accumulated a heart in which case an accumulated heart is lost and the trail bonus continues.

[Trail Prizepot] – Trail Completion prize of 2000x bet if you make it to the end of the trail. 

The trail bonus is paid according to the bet amount prior to entering the trail bonus.

Bloody Party Spin

Collect 4 [Blood Vile] Symbols to trigger the Bloody Party.

After the 4th [Blood Vile] symbol is collected at the same bet level, the reels re-spin for free as the Vampire awards four of the base game random features all on this same single bloody party spin.

The bloody party spin is paid according to the lines and bet amount prior to triggering it.

Buy Bonus

Press the [Buy Bonus] button to enter the bonus buy confirmation screen.  Choose the stake of the bonus and select one of the three options to confirm the corresponding bet and automatically enter the Trail Bonus.  The full collection amounts for the number of hearts, the number of dog bone collections, the number of candle collections, and the number of super potions collected are shown on the confirmation screen are used in place of the amounts collected during the base game when using the buy bonus.  The RTP of the Buy Bonus for option 1 on the left, option 2 in the middle and option 3 on the right are 94.21%, 93.85%, and 94.31% respectively. Click one of the three bonus options shown to start the bonus with the displayed amount of hearts, potions, dog bones, and candles and then click BUY to confirm the buy bonus bet.  Alternatively, press the arrows on the top to change the bet to trigger the buy bonus at a different base stake and buy bonus cost, or press the x in the top right corner to go back to the main game.  Buy Feature may not be available on all markets


The regular game has a theoretical RTP of 96.02%.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Last modification date: 12/19/2023