9 Loaded Pots Hyperspins

About this Game

  • This is a 5 reel 3 row video slot game.

  • Winning combinations are highlighted on the reels and a payout is awarded.

  • The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols form winning combinations. The payout is dependent on the winning combinations formed.

Playing the Game

  • The balance is displayed in credits and is available in the console bar.

  • Select your bet on a mobile device by tapping the Bet icon or the Bet area.

  • Select your bet in desktop through the Main Menu or on the console bar.

  • Click or tap the spin button to spin the reels.

  • Select the stop button to stop the current reel spin. This can also be done by clicking or tapping the reels. This does not influence the results of the spin.

  • If enabled in Settings, you may press spacebar to spin or stop.

  • Once the reels stop, winning combinations are highlighted. The win amount is displayed in the win box.

  • If there is no winning combination, the game is completed.

Payline Rules

  • This game includes 20 paylines.

  • The number of paylines played is fixed.

  • A payline is a pattern of adjacent symbol positions that runs in a line across the reels.

  • Payline wins run from left to right, starting from the first slot reel.

  • Payline win payouts are based on the initial bet placed.

  • The payout value is based on the winning combination formed.

Payout Rules

  • The payout value is based on the winning combination formed.

  • The total payout is the sum of all payline wins and Scatter wins resulting from a spin.

  • If multiple winning combinations land on a single payline, only the highest win is awarded.

  • Only the highest winning combination is awarded per symbol combination.

  • The Paytable displays the payout for each symbol combination based on the current bet.



  • Autoplay


  • Main Menu


  • Return


  • Decrement


  • Increment


  • Bet


  • Quick Spin


  • Mute / Unmute


  • Responsible Gaming


  • Player Protection


  • Loyalty


  • Game History


  • Transaction History


  • Banking


  • Settings


  • Paytable / Information


  • Help Files


  • Lobby


  • Discard

  • Some of these options may not be available in your location.

Wild Symbols


  • The Wild symbol is a wild symbol.

  • The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except the Pot and Free Spin symbols.

Pot Symbol


  • The Pot symbol is a scatter symbol.

  • 3 or more Pot symbols appearing anywhere on screen pays out.

  • Only the highest win amount paid for scatter symbol combination.

  • Pot symbol pays are calculated by multiplying by total bet.

  • Pot symbol wins are added to line wins.

  • Pot symbols cannot be substituted by the Wild symbols.


  • After each spin, any reel can be respun at an additional cost.

  • A reel can be respun multiple times.

  • Only new winning combinations that are formed as a result of the respin are paid.

  • The respin cost is calculated separately for each reel.

  • Respin costs are the average payout per reel divided by target respin RTP.

  • Respin costs are rounded up to the nearest cent which may lower the expected respin RTP.

  • Some respins with a .01 cost have a 0% RTP and allow the player to arrange symbols for future win combinations.

  • The cost per respin does not indicate a greater or lesser chance of winning.

  • Respins are inactive on completion of a feature.

  • Respin cost scales with bet.

  • This feature is available in base game only.

Free Spins


  • The Free Spin symbol is a scatter symbol.

  • 3 Free Spin symbols pays out and triggers a spin of the Free Spin Wheel.

  • The wheel will spin once and award a single wedge containing a number of free spins and a multiplier.

  • All line wins and Free Spin symbol wins during Free Spins will be multiplied by the wheel multiplier.

  • During Free Spins, Pot Symbol wins are not multiplied by the wheel multiplier.

  • Retriggering will grant additional free spins equal to the amount initially awarded and at the same multiplier level.

  • All bets played in Free Spins are the same as the spin that triggered the Free Spins feature.

  • Free Spin symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only.

  • Free Spin Symbol pays are calculated by multiplying by total bet.

  • Free Spin symbol wins are added to line wins.

  • Free Spin symbols cannot be substituted by the Wild symbols.


  • Using Autoplay, you can spin a set number of times in succession without interacting with the game.

  • A bet amount must be set before starting the Autoplay session, as Autoplay plays with the last bet value.

  • Autoplay can be stopped at any time. This does not influence the results of the spin.

  • Triggering the Free Spin feature will stop Autoplay.

  • Win Limit: Sets a win limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if a single win reaches this amount.

  • Loss Limit: Sets a loss limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if the balance decreases by this amount.

  • Some settings and features may not be available in this game.

Bet Selection

  • Each spin played costs a total bet amount.

  • The total bet is based on the initial bet placed, multiplied by the cost of the paylines played.

  • Select the bet on a mobile device by tapping Bet in the console bar or by tapping the Bet icon.

  • Select the bet in desktop with the Increment and Decrement icons on the console bar. Also, select the bet from the Main Menu using the Bet icon, or by clicking the bet area.


  • The Settings panel provides access to multiple game settings.

  • To access the Settings panel, open the Main Menu and select the Settings icon.

  • Choose which settings to turn on or off.

  • Quick Spin setting increases the speed of the slot reel spin.

  • All Sounds setting controls all sounds, including game and background sounds.

  • Game Sounds setting controls console and spin sounds, as well as sounds for winning combinations and sequences. (Only enabled if All Sounds is ON.)

  • Background Music setting controls background music. (Only enabled if All Sounds is ON.)

  • Spacebar to Spin setting allows the player to spin the reels using the computer's spacebar.

Additional Information

  • Some settings and features may not be available in this game.

  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

  • Any changes to game rules will be conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements.

  • In the event of a disconnection, the final game state is displayed on return to the game.

  • The balance is updated with the amount won or lost.

  • The results of the last game played are displayed.

  • If a request does not reach the server before disconnection, the results of the previous game played are displayed.

  • Any features in progress that require interaction or selection can be continued.

  • Gamble winnings are automatically collected on refresh.

  • If a Gamble feature is in progress, the game will refresh into the base game.

Last modification date: 2/22/2022