Buffalo Canyon

RTP: 96.0%



This game is played using MegaPixel Pays evaluation.

Wins are shown in credits unless marked as currency.

Values displayed in the [Game Rules/Help Screens] have not been pre-multiplied, except where stated.

Wins subject to verification.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Stopping the spin animation using the spin or stop button will have no effect upon the outcome of the game.

The theoretical return to player for the game Crystalts at 92.6% and increases up to 97.0% as additional symbols are unlocked via the Spin-crease Feature.

This game is played on a grid of 2400 dots. On each spin, symbols are randomly placed in positions on the screen that may overlap portions of the grid of dots.  Any symbol except Crystals may appear as a grey, light blue, or purple symbol.

After each spin, all dots overlapped by any symbol except Crystals will upgrade 2, 3, or 4 levels, to a maximum of level 7.

All dots overlapped by grey symbols will upgrade 2 levels.

All dots overlapped by light blue symbols will upgrade 3 levels.

All dots overlapped by purple symbols will upgrade 4 levels.

During the base game, after each spin all dots not overlapped by any symbol except Crystals will downgrade 1 level, to a minimum of level 1.

Level 1 dots appear as a Dark Blue dot.

Level 2 dots appear as a Green dot.

Level 3 dots appear as Light Blue dot.

Level 4 dots appear as a Purple dot.

Level 5 dots appear as a Pink dot.

Level 6 dots appear as an Orange dot.

Level 7 dots appear as a Yellow dot.

After all dots have been upgraded or downgraded, all symbols except Crystals that fully overlap the grid of dots will pay out. All dots overlapped by a paying symbol contribute points to the payout according to the level of the dots.

Level 3 dots contribute 1 point each.

Level 4 dots contribute 3 points each.

Level 5 dots contribute 10 points each.

Level 6 dots contribute 25 points each.

Level 7 dots contribute 100 points each.


During the base game, 3 or more Crystals fully overlapping the grid of dots awards the Free Games Bonus.

3 Crystals awards 12 free games.

4 Crystals awards 16 free games.

5 Crystals awards 20 free games.

The Free Games Bonus Crystalts with all dots at level 1.

During the Free Games Bonus dot levels to not downgrade.

Free games automatically play at the same bet multiplier as the game that initiated the Free Games Bonus.

The Free Game Bonus does not award additional free games.

The Free Games Bonus ends when 0 free games remain.

After the Free Games Bonus ends all dots return to the levels they were at when the Free Games Bonus was awarded. 

Last modification date: 10/13/2022