Norse Legend


LINES: If available, Increase or decrease the number of 'LINES' by clicking on the '+ / ▲' or '- / ▼' button.

 The 'TOTAL BET' is the 'BET' multiplied by the number of 'LINES'.

 SPIN / PLAY: Click on  '▶ / 🔄' or press spacebar to start the game. After the reels stop spinning, any winning combinations on the selected lines will be paid according to the paytable.

 STOP: Once play is initiated the '▶ / 🔄 ' button becomes a '⏹' stop button. Click this button or press space bar to stop reels from spinning. The '⏹' button has no effect on the game outcome.

 AUTO: Click on the '🔁 / ⏩ / ➕' button and use the '+ / ▲' or '- / ▼' button to select the number of games to auto play. Number of auto play games remaining is displayed. During auto play, the '▶ /  🔄' button becomes a '⏹' button. Select this button to stop auto play once the current spin is complete.

MAXIMUM BET: If available Click on the 'MAX' button to set the maximum bet.

GAME HISTORY: This can be viewed by clicking on the 'clock / 🕓' button.

RESULT: Any wins are indicated by the highlighted lines and symbols animating wherever applicable. Wins are shown in the message box.

The game rules are identical in both real play and demo play modes.

The player is responsible for checking the correct bet has been registered before commencing play.

Malfunction Voids all Pays and Plays.


6 substitutes for all symbols except Scatters.

7 symbol always appears on screen with a random Prize of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 15 or 20 multiplied by total bet as displayed during the paid games only.

Total bet played during the Feature is same as the game that triggered the Feature.

7 is a scatter.

During paid games, any 3 or more7 will award combined prizes displayed on them.

Scatters pay in any position.

All wins begin with leftmost reel and pay left to right on adjacent reels, except scatters.

All wins on lit lines only except scatters.

Highest win only on each line except scatters.

Highest win awarded only on each scatter combination, if applicable.

All Wins are added.

The game has a return to player of 96.49%.


During paid games, 3 or more 7  triggers the LUCKY BREAK FEATURE.

Initially 5 free spins are awarded in the LUCKY BREAK FEATURE.

At the beginning of LUCKY BREAK FEATURE, 3 8 appear and randomly position themselves.

During each spin, rings will position themselves randomly on the reels.

7 symbol always appears on screen with a random Prize of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 15 or 20 multiplied by total bet as displayed.

When 9 appears inside 8 an addtional 8 is awarded in the next spin.

When  10appears inside a 8 it randomly awards a 11,12 and 13  in the next spin.

9or 10 only appears inside 8.

9or 10  appears inside one or more 8, an additional free spin is awarded.

when 7 appears inside a 8  the prize as displayed will be awarded.

When 7 appears inside a 11 the original prize will be multiplied by 2 and awarded.

When  7 appears inside a 12the original prize will be multiplied by 3 and awarded.

When  7 appears inside a 13 the original prize will be multiplied by 5 and awarded.

Any existing or newly awarded ring will be active until the end of the LUCKY BREAK FEATURE.