Serengeti Diamonds

Serengeti Diamonds is a 5 reel slot game with a Diamond Pick Bonus. During regular play, the goal is to achieve a winning combination of symbols on at least reels 1 and 2. Payouts depend on the number of coins played and the winning combination of symbols achieved. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 97.00% with any bet.

Game Rules

  • Malfunction voids all Pays and Plays
  • All 25 lines always played.
  • All pays left to right on consecutive reels starting with the leftmost reel including scatters
  • All symbols pay once in any position on the reel, except substituted wins which may pay multiple times
  • Only highest win on a pay line pays
  • Only highest scatter win is paid.
  • Wins on different paylines are added together.
  • The Won field displays winning in credits
  • Bonus wins are added to wins displayed in the WON meter.
  • Paytable amounts initially displayed are based on current credits selected
  • Bonus wins are added to wins displayed in the WON meter
  • Bet Max – Places a 10-credit bet on each of the 25 paylines and spins the reels.
  • Higher Credit denominations: 1K=1000, 1M=1 000 000, 1B=1000000000

Diamond Pick Bonus


  • This icon gives you a chance to enter the bonus round. You must get at least two Scatter icons on consecutive reels, starting on the left reel. They don’t have to be on the same payline, but they must be on consecutive reels. For example, if you got Scatter icons on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th reels (from left to right), the icon on the 5th reel will be ignored. The Scatter icons will move up to the spots above the reel panel and those reels will become locked in. The locked in reels will hold while the other reels spin up to 3 times to try to get a Scatter icon. Every time you get another Scatter icon, the number of spins resets to 3. If you get all 5 Scatter icons, the bonus round starts.
  • You will only win regular payline wins on the initial triggering spin. Once the reels are held, the spins are just to get more Scatter icons, not winning payline combinations.


  • The screen changes to a field of diamonds. Tap on 2 diamonds to determine the number of free spins and then the paytable multiplier. Tape Keep Free Game Amount to enter the bonus round with the number of free games you selected or Swap Free Games Amount to have the remaining diamonds shuffled so you can pick a different diamond and perhaps get more free games. Next, you can do the same for the number of multipliers. If you pick the maximum number of free games or the maximum multiplier, you aren’t given the chance to swap.
  • You can win up to 10 free games and a multiplier of up to 8x. Tap the screen to continue.
  • You also win a payout for getting the Scatter icons. The payout depends on the number of icons that appear and the number of credits bet on each line, 1, 2 ,3 5 or 10. Only the number of Scatter icons on the initial triggering spin are counted. If you get additional Scatter icons once the reels are locked, they aren’t counted in the Scatter payout.
    • 5 icons: 1250 x number of credits bet per line
    • 4 icons: 250 x number of credits per line.
    • 3 icons: 125 x number of credits per line.
    • 2 icons: 50 x number of credits per line.
  • The bonus round can be triggered again during free spin play. The triggering win is multiplied by the current free game multiplier. You will be able to pick new diamonds to determine the number of free spins and the multiplier. A message in the top left corner will indicate if you have any additional bonuses after the current one finishes playing.
  • An alternate set of reels are used during free games.

How to Play

The Bet that you want to play can be adjusted through the Game Settings.

The game displays all your details in the following display fields:

Balance: Displays your total balance

Win: Displays the amount won in the spin

Stake: The total wager staked. It consists of the Credit Value multiplied by the number of credits per lines selected.



SPIN : Spins the reels


AUTOSPIN : When more than zero AUTOSPINs is selected the SPIN button will display the number of AUTOSPINs that will be played.

Tip! Press and hold the spin button to quickly enable Auto Spins.


STOP AUTOSPIN : Once autospin begins the SPIN button turns into a STOP AUTOSPIN button and the number of AUTOSPINs remaining will be displayed in the SPIN button.


MENU : Accesses the Game Settings, Paytable, Gaming Guide and Sound.



CREDIT VALUE : Select Credit Value.


CREDITS PER LINE : Adjusts the CREDITS PER LINE. Select the value of your choice.


AUTOSPIN:Allows automatic consecutive normal game plays. Select the value of your choice for the number of autospins. The available autospins are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.


PAYTABLE:Access pay awards for winning symbol combinations.


GAMING GUIDE: Access the rules for the game.


SOUND: Turn Sound On/Off.

Malfunction voids all pays and play

Last modification date: 12/29/2021