Slots of Money

Slots of Money is a slot game three bonuses. Wins are awarded for 4 of more of the same symbol, when symbols are connected anywhere on the game screen.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is between 94.58% and 95.50% based on optimal strategy.

Cash Connection Bonus

 At random, after a game has been started, the game screen may show "Pick Me" in every position.  Choose one position, to reveal a symbol which is then locked, and 4 re-spins are awarded.  Symbols that match the one originally picked are also locked, and wins are paid after every re-spin.

The optimal strategy is to select the symbol on the 4th column, 2nd from top.

Casino Chip Bonus

At random, on a non-winning game, if 2 or more casino chip symbols are visible, you may be awarded the Casino Chip Bonus.

Select one Casino chip to reveal a prize.

Mini-Slot Bonus

Obtaining one or more "mini-slot machine" symbols in any position will trigger the Mini-Slot bonus. Mini-Slot spins are awarded depending on the number of mini-slot machine symbols visible.

Mini-Slot Symbols Connected

Number of Mini-Slot Spins















The Mini-Slot bonus cannot trigger in other bonus features.

Flip It Again

At random, after a losing game, you may be awarded the Flip It Again bonus. The symbols will flip and display a new set of symbols, and may or may not produce a winning combination.


Payouts are made according to the Paytable

Only positions containing the winning symbol are used in determining the win for that symbol

Coinciding wins are added
Malfunction voids all pays and plays


NUMBER OF SPINS:    Select the number of spins to auto-play.

LOSS LIMIT:              Select an amount of money, which if your losses equal or exceed this amount, autoplay will be stopped

SINGLE WIN LIMIT:    Select an amount of money, which if a win in any one spin equals or exceeds this amount, autoplay will be stopped.

How to Play

1: Choose your bet by pressing the INCREASE BET or REDUCE BET buttons

2: Press the SPIN button

The game displays all your details in the following display fields:

Balance:                Displays your total balance

Bet:                       The value of the bet

Winnings:             Displays the amount won in the spin

Last modification date: 12/29/2021