The Green Machine Bingo


The STAR remains in the center position during base game spins and is treated as a GREENBALL, BLUEBALL, GREYBALL in relation to win lines.

There are no Jackpot or multiplier values associated with STAR. When GREENBALL lands on the reels, they will remain in place for the next two spins at the same bet level.

The GREENBALL visually changes with each remaining spin. The visual changes and number of remaining held spins are reflected in the table below:

Each GREENBALL, BLUEBALL, GREYBALL displays either MINI, MINOR Jackpot or one of the multipliers x1, x2, x3, x5, x10 or x20, associated to the bet level. When a win line is filled, any multipliers and or MINI, MINOR Jackpots displayed will be added together and awarded. Then the win line symbols will disappear on the next spin.

When only one space is left to complete a win line, the final space will be highlighted unless there is a symbol which is due to spin away on the next spin. When a GREENBALL lands, it will reset all symbols on the same column and row to GREENBALL, the multiplier on the symbol will remain the same.

Win lines that contain the STAR are Super Bingo win lines.

Win lines that do not contain the STAR are Bingo win lines.


An Instant Win may be triggered on any spin, this will award the multiplier or MINI, MINOR Jackpot displayed on the GREENBALL. When an Instant Win is awarded, the symbol will be highlighted.

An Instant Win cannot be awarded to a symbol already on the reels.


Changing the bet will clear any GREENBALL, BLUEBALL, GREYBALL from the reels. On returning to the same bet, the GREENBALL, BLUEBALL, GREYBALL will be retrieved and re-added to the reels and will persist between sessions.


If a Super Bingo win line is awarded, the Super Bingo wheel may be triggered which awards 1 spin of the wheel.

Any Instant Win pays awarded on a base game spin where a Super Bingo Bonus is triggered, will not be awarded again if Double Win is awarded by the Super Bingo Bonus.


3 spins are awarded in Bingo Bonus. YELLOWBALL's land on the reels containing the letters B, I, N, G, or O, and always land in that order. Each YELLOWBALL remains in place until the word

BINGO is spelt out. The remaining spins will be reset back to 3 and any symbols that complete the word Bingo are upgraded based on the table below. If more than 5 symbols land, they will remain until the word BINGO is spelt out.

When all spins are completed, any B, I, N, G, or O's, will be upgraded to display x1, then the remaining balls will be awarded. During the Bingo Bonus, win lines are not evaluated.

Bingo Bonus is played with the same bet which triggered the Bonus.

Bingo Bonus will end when there are no Spins remaining.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Last modification date: 2/14/2024