Bellagio LuckyTap

User Interface

8 9‘+’ / ‘-’ buttons increase / decrease the bet value — the bet value is the total bet per game round.

3 Starts a game round at the current bet value.

4 Displays the autoplay options.

5 Stops the autoplay session.

7Starts the autoplay session. The numerical value displayed within the button shows the number of autoplay game rounds remaining

Bet Definitions

Current Bet: The current bet is the value that appears above8

Minimum Bet: The minimum bet is the lowest possible bet value, which is selected by pressing 9 until the bet value no longer decreases.

Bet Multi plier: The bet multi plier is defined as the current bet divided by the minimum bet.

Autoplay Options

Autoplay will allow game rounds to be played automatically.

Click on the Autoplay button and select the number of Autoplay game rounds.

Additional Information

The overall return to player is 93.90%.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.


A winning bet occurs when the Left , Center, and Right fountains reach their full height.

3 to 18 credit prizes are awarded on a winning bet.

Multi plier Feature

The Multi plier Feature may randomly be activated if 10 or fewer credit prizes are awarded on any winning bet.

If the Multi plier Feature is activated, a random multi plier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, or x7 will appear.

All credit prizes will be multi plied by the random multi plier.

Last modification date: 7/4/2024