BOXES is an exciting game where the objective is to find Diamonds by picking Boxes on different Rows. When you find a Diamond on a Row, you can advance to the next Row and increase your win! If you pick a Box containing a Mine, you will lose and have to restart the game.

Before placing the bet, you can configure the game by choosing how many Rows you want and the Difficulty setting. A higher Difficulty means each Row will contain more Mines, but increases your potential winnings!

Once you have placed your initial bet, each pick is free. Pick Boxes until you have reached the final Row, or are happy with the collectable win and wish to collect it.


Above the playing field is a row of bars with numbers. The highlighted bar shows the payout you will receive if you collect immediately, expressed as a multiplier of your initial bet. The second bar, to the right of the highlighted value, is the potential payout if you successfully find another Diamond and advance to the next Row, and so on. The Mine icon next to the second bar shows the number of Mines in the next Row. Your collectable win amount is also displayed in your currency in the dark bar below the game.


The number of Rows and the Difficulty is configurable in the settings screen. The more Rows you choose, the higher the potential payout of the game. Adjusting the Difficulty setting will increase or reduce the number of Mines per Row and the challenge of the game, and affects the potential win. You can configure the game to fit your own playstyle!


The RTP of this game is 98%. The RTP is deterministically calculated by a theoretical probability model. The RTP was verified by running 10,000,000,000 simulations.

The max win for this game is 548 times your bet when the game is configured to have 8 Rows on the Hard difficulty. Please note that if the next pick would cause your potential win to exceed 1,000,000.00 the round will end and your current win will be credited immediately.


Pick at least one Box with a Diamond and collect the win.



Your current balance is shown in the BALANCE display. Balance, bets and winnings are presented in the player’s chosen currency.


The current bet level is shown in the BET display. Change the bet by clicking on the arrows and choosing the bet level of your choice.

The allowed bet levels for this game are between 0.20 and 1,000.00.


In addition to the features described here, the bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the current balance in the chosen currency, the amount paid if a win occurs, and the amount bet on the last/current proposition.


In the event of disconnection, a previously started round that has been interrupted may be resumed immediately by starting the game again. The results of a completed round (where display of the visual result was interrupted) will only be re-displayed within the game for winning rounds, but all game rounds may be reviewed in Game History. Any amount wagered on an unfinished game will remain paused until you either complete the game or the game is void as a result of account inactivity or system maintenance. When an unfinished game is void, your bet will be refunded to your account. Any awards earned on an unfinished round will not be credited unless you resume and complete the game. Winnings on unfinished game rounds where the player cannot further influence the outcome of the game will be automatically credited to the player’s account after 1 day. Game rounds will never be affected by unforeseen external errors due to hardware, bandwidth, network errors or similar. Game rounds will be either stored and completed by the player at a later time or they will be closed and the wager will be refunded to the player. If an incomplete game round has not been resumed within 23 hours, the round will be rolled back and the wager will be refunded.


The result of a completed game may be viewed in Game History immediately after closing the game window. Results of unfinished games are not displayed in Game History.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Any visual representation of a physical device (a reel, a wheel of fortune or similar) does not represent a “real” physical device and the probabilities of it stopping on any particular position is determined by the game’s random number generator, and not the number of positions on each device.

Last modification date: 7/2/2024