NBA Last 60

How To Play

Team Select

Players have the ability to select the teams that will play the game.  The 16 teams are divided into 2 conferences:

West Conference

East Conference

Dallas Mavericks

Boston Celtics

Golden State Warriors

Chicago Bulls

Houston Rockets

Miami Heat

Los Angeles Lakers

Milwaukee Bucks

Oklahoma City Thunder

New York Knicks

Portland Trail Blazers

Philadelphia 76ers

San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Raptors

Utah Jazz

Washington Wizards

Once the first team is selected, their opponent can be chosen from the 7 other teams in the same conference.  So, for example, selecting Golden State Warriors will mean that the 7 other West Conference teams will be available as their opponent.

The ‘AUTO SELECT’ option offers the choice of quickly selecting 2 random teams to play the game.  Once the teams are selected and confirmed players are to be taken to the betting markets.

Betting Markets / Game Preview

There are 4 betting markets available.  Players can place bets with a defined minimum/maximum stake on any or all of the 4 betting markets for every game.  After a market is selected it will appear as a bet slip accessible from the tab at the right of the screen.  The player enters their stake for the bet and can amend or cancel their selections until they select the ‘PLACE BET’ option.

Once the bets are confirmed the game is available to play by selecting the ‘PLAY GAME’ option.

The game features 60 seconds of match action comprised of 6 video clips from games between the selected teams.  In - game graphics show the overall match score and also the points scored in the Last 60, allowing players to track the progress of their bets.

Game Play

The action starts in the 4th quarter with 60 seconds of the game remaining.   Clips are selected at random from matches between the 2 teams from the past 4 seasons.  
As the game progresses the overall and Last 60 scores update.  The player can access their bet slip via the right - hand tab during the game.  Players also have the option to skip the action and go straight to the results/winning wagers page at any time by selecting ‘SKIP TO RESULT’.

Winning Wagers/Results

After the game has finished the player will be taken to the results/winning wagers page, displaying the results of the match and their bets.

The player will have 3 options:

‘START A NEW GAME’- returns to team selection, so the player can choose which teams play the next game.

‘PLAY AGAIN SAME TEAMS’ – takes the player to the betting markets for the 2 teams that played in the previous game, offering new odds.

‘PLAY AGAIN SAME TEAMS & BETS’ – takes the player to the betting markets for the two teams that played the previous game and selects the bets wagered for that game. The player will need to confirm the same stake they placed on the previous game and press “PLACE BET” before the game plays.


The game features the following plays:

  • 2 - pointer shots
  • 3 – pointer shots
  • No Score

There will be no free throws in the game.

The game cannot end in a tie; there will always be a winner (no tie odds available in the bet market).

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Last modification date: 10/19/2020