MegaBall Action


  • Player selects bet per card.

  • BET MAX sets maximum bet per card across all 4 cards.

  • PLAY begins the initial number 

  • Each card has 15 

  • The draw is represented as a 30 ball-draw.

  • Each number drawn will match with a number on any of the 4 cards and is marked, triggering a “catch”.

  • Winning combination patterns are located in the paytable.

  • A winning combinations occurs when all catches form a winning combination pattern on a single card.

  • A pattern is trumped when it is completely covered by a high paying pattern on a single card.

  • Any trumped pattern is not paid out.

  • Extra Ball draw option is available when a winning combination is missed by one number and its cost is shown in XTRA BALL box.

  • Up to 10 additional balls may be purchased each game.

  • To end game press DONE.

  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 9/15/2017