First Person Mega Ball

Game Objective

First Person Mega Ball is a unique, entertaining and fast-paced game show, featuring a Mega Ball Bonus round in which you have the chance to win even more with the added multipliers! Buy a packet of cards to play with for the value you have selected and simply complete lines of numbers on your card/s, while the numbered balls are being randomly drawn by the Ball drawing machine. It’s all about getting as many lines per card as possible – the more lines you get, the more you win!

Game Rules

First Person Mega Ball is played with 1 – 200 cards and a Ball drawing machine. Each 5x5 cell card contains 24 randomly arranged unique numbers with a free square in the centre. The free square is considered as an already marked square. You win if you get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 5 squares. You can win up to 12 lines per card.

Main Game Round

  • Buy a packet of cards you wish to play with for the value you have selected. You can add more card packets after the first packet is bought and change the value of your cards while the betting time is open. Your selected card value will be automatically applied to all your cards.
  • Your cards will be visible on the screen regardless of the amount. You can zoom in on an individual card at any time. If you would like to change the numbers on a particular card, simply zoom in on that card in and while the betting time is open, click/tap the REFRESH NUMBERS button until you are satisfied with the resulting new numbers.
  • Once you have bought your cards, click/tap PLAY button to start the ball drawing. 20 out of 51 numbered balls are drawn from the Ball drawing machine.
  • If the number of the drawn ball matches a number in any of your cards, a badge is automatically placed on that number. When a completed line is collected, your winnings per card are also updated automatically and displayed below the corresponding card.
  • As the balls are drawn one by one, your cards will be automatically updated and sorted, with the card closest to winning placed at the top.
  • To add to the excitement, you can also see on your screen how much you could win if a special ball should happen to be drawn. Expected ball numbers will be highlighted in gold on your cards.
  • The drawn balls are also automatically updated and visible on your screen.

Mega Ball Bonus round

  • After all 20 balls are drawn in the main game round, one or two intriguing Mega Ball Bonus rounds occur. At the beginning of the Mega Ball Bonus round, a Mega Ball multiplier in the range from 5x to 100x is generated. An additional ball is drawn from the Ball drawing machine to determine the number of the Mega Ball.
  • If the Mega Ball number completes any line in your card/-s, your payout on that card is multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier.
  • If a line is not complete, the Mega Ball number will be treated as a regular ball and will not multiply the payout.
  • If there is more than one Mega Ball among your winning lines on the same card, your payout will be multiplied only by the highest multiplier.

Game result

After the game round is over, your cards are sorted again and only those cards with winnings are left on the screen. Your total winnings are calculated automatically and displayed on your screen.


Number of Lines



9,999 - 999,999 : 1


999 - 99,999 : 1


249 - 24,999 : 1


49 - 4,999 : 1


4 - 499 : 1


1x (push) - 99 : 1

Maximum payout for all your winnings within a game round is limited. For details see the Bet Limit table.

Please note that any malfunction voids the game round and all eventual payouts for the round. Bets will be returned.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical return-to-player (RTP) percentage is 95,40%, based on 1 card.

The RTP range is 95,05% – 95,40%.

Place Bets

The BET LIMITS panel heading shows the minimum and maximum allowed bet limits at the table.

To participate in the game, you must have sufficient funds to cover your bets. You can see your current BALANCE on your screen.

To place a bet, select the value of your cards. Click/tap “+” or “-” on the VALUE button to increase or reduce this value. Please note that the selected value will be applied to all your cards.

After you have bought the game cards (placed valid bet), click/tap PLAY button to start the ball drawing.

The UNDO button removes the last added packet of cards.


You can click/tap the UNDO button repeatedly to remove card packets one by one, in the reverse order of which they were added. You can remove all your cards by holding the UNDO button.

The TOTAL BET indicator displays the total amount of all bets placed in the current round.

The REPEAT button allows you to repeat your all bets from the previous game round, by adding the same number and value of cards. This button becomes available after every game round.


Once you have placed a bet, Autoplay allows you to repeat your selected bet/s by adding the same number and value of cards for a chosen number of game rounds.

To start Autoplay, add a packet of cards you wish to play with for the value you have selected as usual and then click/tap the Autoplay button.


The Autoplay panel will then open, and from here you simply select the number of game rounds you would like your bet to be repeated in. Then click/tap START to Autoplay.


You can keep track of the number of Autoplay rounds remaining as they are displayed in an indicator on the Autoplay button.

Your Autoplay limit will be displayed in the Autoplay panel. (Example: a total bet of €200 made on the betting grid followed by x10 Autoplay rounds selected by you = Autoplay limit of €2000.)

Your automatic game rounds will continue until either your chosen number of Autoplay rounds is complete, or you choose to stop Autoplay, by simply clicking/tapping STOP.


While Autoplay is running, it is not possible to change your bets. You should stop Autoplay to change the bets.


The SOUND button will mute/unmute all game sounds and voice from the game. Note that if you change tables, the sound will automatically unmute.


You can alter your sound settings by clicking/tapping the SETTINGS button.

Game History

The HISTORY button will launch a window showing all game rounds you have played and the results of those rounds.


You can review your past gaming activity by viewing your:

  • ACCOUNT HISTORY – Shows your complete account history as a list of dates, games, bet amounts and payouts. The game round completed most recently appears at the top of the list.
  • GAME HISTORY – Shows your history related to a particular game once you click/tap the game in the GAME column.

Deposit and Withdraw

The CASHIER button will open the cashier/banking window for deposits and withdrawals.


Responsible Gaming

The RESPONSIBLE GAMING button allows you to access the page outlining the Responsible Gaming policy. This page provides useful information and links regarding responsible online gaming behaviour and how to set limitations to your game sessions.


Disconnection Policy

Should disconnection occur after a bet is placed but before the Play button is clicked/tapped, your bet will be returned. If disconnection occurs after a bet is placed and the Play button is clicked/tapped, the game’s result will be decided by the game’s random number generator. After reconnecting you will be able to see the game outcome in the History window.

More Games

The Go LIVE button can be selected at any time.

Clicking/ tapping the Go Live button will take you directly to the Live Mega Ball table.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys can be used to quickly perform useful game functions.




When applicable, the ESC key can be used to:

  • Exit full-screen mode
  • Close an open pop-up window (History, Help, Settings, etc.)

Last modification date: 3/22/2022