Bull Riding Rules

Date/Site Changes

Event must take place with 7 days of the advertised date in the listed city for bets to stand. Should the venue change, but remain in the same city, then all bets stand.

Minimum Length of Play

If an event does not conclude after the first round begins, all bets will be void. Any rounds that had been determined will be settled as normal.

Bull Riding Wagers

Event Winner

Bets will be settled on the original classification by the governing body, regardless of any subsequent disqualifications or enquiries. If a competitor does take part in an event then bets placed on that competitor or team will stand.

Round Winner

Bets relate to specific rounds only. All bets stand regardless of which bull is ridden. If a competitor does not take part in a round then bets placed on that competitor or team are considered to be losing bets.

Head to Head Matchups

Should one or more competitors not take any part of the event, then bets on matchups will be deemed void. Should a rider begin the event, but subsequently withdraw, or fail to finish, then the rider with highest aggregate points will be deemed the winner.