Casino Stud

How To Play

  • The game utilises a standard deck of 52 cards which is re-shuffled between each hand.

  • The Player must place a bet in the ANTE bet area on the table.

  • The 5+1 BONUS bet is optional. This bet can only be placed after making an ANTE bet and before the cards are dealt.

  • Five cards are then dealt face up to the Player. The House is dealt five cards (one face up and four face down).

  • The player then has the choice whether to make the PLAY bet or FOLD.

  • If the Player chooses to FOLD, the game round will end and the ANTE bet will be forfeited.

  • The PLAY bet is equal to x2 the ANTE bet.

  • If the player makes the PLAY bet, then the House's cards are revealed and the hands are compared.

  • The House must have at least an A-K high card hand to qualify.

  • This is defined as an A-High card hand, with a K as the next highest card.


  • If the House does not qualify, the ANTE bet pays 1 to 1, and the PLAY bet pushes.

  • If the House beats the Player, and the House qualifies, both the ANTE and PLAY bets are lost.

  • If the Player ties with the House, and the House qualifies, both the ANTE and PLAY bets are pushed.

  • If the Player beats the House, and the House qualifies, the ANTE bet will pay 1:1, and the PLAY bet will pay according to the paytable.

  • When a bet is pushed, it is returned to the Player with no additional winnings.


  • The 5+1 BONUS is an optional bet which has alternative payouts to the standard game.

  • Pays are evaluated at the end of the game round.

  • The 5+1 Bonus bet will be assessed regardless of whether the House's hand qualifies.

  • This bet takes into account the Player’s five cards and the House’s up card only.

  • If the Player chooses to FOLD during the game round, the 5+1 Bonus bet will not be affected.

  • The best 5-card hand that can be made from the six cards will be compared against the paytable.

Hand Rankings

  • In Casino Stud, 5-card hands are ranked from highest to lowest as follows:

  • Royal Flush

  • (contains the following cards of the same suit: A, K, Q, J, 10)

  • Straight Flush

  • (contains five cards in sequential value and of the same suit)

  • Four of a Kind

  • (contains four cards of the same value)

  • Full House

  • (contains three matching cards of one value and two matching cards of another value)

  • Flush

  • (contains five cards of the same suit)

  • Straight

  • (contains five cards of sequential value in at least two different suits)

  • Three of a Kind

  • (contains three cards of the same value)

  • Two Pair

  • (contains two cards of the same value, plus two more of another matching value)

  • Pair

  • (contains two cards of the same value)

  • High Card

  • (contains a single card which has the highest value of all cards in the hand)

  • For all hand rankings, note that the value of a card ascends sequentially from 2-10, and then according to the following:

  • J

  • Q

  • K

  • A

  • When evaluating a hand, only the highest possible rank within the Player's cards is considered (while a Straight Flush contains both a Straight and a Flush, it is calculated solely as a Straight Flush). A is high except in 5-4-3-2-A sequence.

Last modification date: 12/31/2021