Borgata Blackjack Xchange

Buying or selling removes the individual card and deals a new card from the deck

The hand is played out as normal following any buy or sell trades. Buy and sell prices are set based on the combination of cards in the player's hand and the dealers face card. When the price is zero a free swap will be offered

How To Play

  • Select a Chip and Place It in the Betting Circle Then Press Deal to Play
  • Two Player Cards Are Dealt Face up and Two Dealer Cards Are Dealt with One Face Up
  • A Player Total of Less than 21 Will Give the Option to Hit or Stand
  • Double Is Available on Any Initial Two Card Hand Less than 21
  • If the First Two Cards Are of Identical Value the Player Will Be Offered a Split Where Placing an Additional Wager, Identical to the Initial Bet, Will Split the Hand into Two and Use Each of the Cards as the Start of a New Hand
  • Buy and Sell Are Available on Individual Cards in Any Hand
  • Selecting Buy Will Deduct the Price from Your Balance, Remove the Card and Deal a New Card
  • Selecting Sell Will Add the Price to Your Winnings, Remove the Card and Deal a New Card
  • The Player’s Hand Is Then Played out as Normal Following Any Buy or Sell Trades
  • Buy and Sell Options Are Unlimited and Are Always Available If a Hand Is Not Bust
  • It Is Possible to Bust Following a Buy or Sell Which Will End the Game

Rules 1


Blackjack – 3:2

Winning Hand – Evens

Push – Stake Returned

Dealer Stands on Soft 17

Player Can Double after a Split

No Re-splits

Splits are not offered after trades

Player Can Hit Split Aces

No Surrender Rule

No Insurance

Winnings from Trades Are Paid Regardless of the Final Result of the Hand

Rules 2

Player Wins the Initial Bet plus Any Trades If:

  • The Dealer Busts
  • The Player Hand Is Higher than the Dealers Without Exceeding 21

If The Player Hand Matches the Dealers Then the Result Is a Push and the Initial Bet Is Returned

Exceeding 21 Results in a Bust and Ends the Game

Choosing to Buy or Sell Cards in Hands of 3 or More Cards Can Result in a Bust

A Split Hand That Totals 21 Is Not Considered A Blackjack

Basic Strategy

Hard Hands

Soft Hands

Split Hands

H – Hit S - Stand P - Split DH - Double/Hit DS - Double/Stand

Return To Player

Each Buy or Sell Is Priced with a 2.5% Margin

Buy and Sell Prices Are Rounded up to the Nearest Whole Value

An Infinite Deck Is Used for All Deals Including Buy and Sell

Malfunction Voids Pays and Plays

Pending Games

Incomplete Games Will Be Automatically Completed 48 Hours After Launch Any Remaining Hands Will BE Played Out Using Best Strategy

Any Winnings Will Be Automatically Credited

Last modification date: 8/17/2023