Website – Game Malfunction Rules

Cancelled Games

If a game is cancelled by us, the operator all bingo tickets that have been purchased for a game are cancelled. This includes any Advance Buy tickets. The money for those tickets will be returned to your account balance. Promotional tickets, for example in a Buy 1 get 1 free game, are also cancelled. If you redeemed Free Tickets to buy tickets in a game that is cancelled, those free tickets will also be returned to your account

Network Issues

If you have network problems and cannot access a bingo game where you have purchased tickets those tickets will still play. You do not need to be logged in for this to happen. If you win a game when not logged in your balance will be updated and the game details will be shown in the game logs. The game logs are accessible by clicking “Help” in the Bingo Lobby or Bingo Game Room

Delayed or Suspended Games

We do not delay or suspend any games. In the unlikely case that a game cannot be played due to technical difficulties the game is cancelled and follows the procedure for the Cancelled Games.

Last modification date: 10/1/2020