Game History

Your Game History shows you the Bingo game statistics for each historical game you have played. We recommend that you regularly check your Bingo transactions in Game History in order to confirm your bets and winnings.

You can see your bet history by clicking on the “Game History” option in the side menu at the top left of the bingo window.

You can set Advance search filters to help you target and retrieve the game data you require:

  • Game ID
  • The following Game criteria
    • Set the Date (defaults to the current day)
    • Game name

Click the “Search” button to search for the games you’ve played which meet your criteria.

If game data is found, a summary list of the games will display in the left panel of the Bet History window. The list shows:

  • Unique Game ID
  • Game Date and Time
  • Stake Amount
  • Win Amount

To view more information on the game, click on the “Game ID” for one of the games listed.

For bingo games, the following information is available:

a display of the cards you purchased and their position when each of the prizes were won

  • the bingo numbers called
  • the winners and their winning cards
  • the number of players in the game