Free Tickets

Free Tickets Balance

Free Tickets are a Ticket award type that are awarded to players with a pre-assigned ticket value. This can either be

  • a fixed amount (Example a Free ticket with a value set as $0.10) These tickets can only be used on a game with that specified ticket price value.
  • a variation ticket value (Example a Free ticket with the value set as $0.01-$0.10) These tickets can be used on a variety of games with the value between $0.01 and $0.10.
  • a ticket that is only eligible on a game at a Specified Date/Time.

The ticket value of a Free ticket is determined by the ticket price in the game that you select to use the ticket in.

Free tickets can be awarded with or without retrieval at each operators discretion and can be used for staking only.

Free Tickets won’t contribute to the game prize totals or Jackpot prizes.

Free tickets used in games that malfunction will be returned to the original Free Tickets balance.

Free Tickets Purchaser

When Free Tickets are awarded and eligible to be used on the game. The bingo ticket purchaser will display the total amount of Free Tickets that can be used.  

Free Tickets are spent first, prior to the Bonus and Cash balances.

Free Tickets Balance Display

Your Free Tickets balance can be viewed in the ‘Promotions’ screen.