Jackpots and prizes

Prize Calculation

The prizes awarded for each game of bingo are determined by the number of cards purchased for each game. The proceeds from the sale of cards are added to a prize fund pot that is then divided into game rake, progressive jackpot contributions and the game prize fund.
The exceptions to the above are guaranteed prize games where we offer a set prize for the game – like a big jackpot or a physical prize.

In the games where we offer a consolation prize – for example a 1TG prize – we will often take a small part of the prize fund for the consolation prize pot.


Some games offer special jackpots in addition to the “bingo” prize:

  • Progressive Jackpot - consists of contributions taken from relevant bingo games. These contributions are added the progressive pool which is displayed in game room. Progressive jackpot prize will be won if the final bingo prize for a game is hit within the specific number of calls. The player who wins the progressive jackpot first will get the entire sum. However, it is also possible for two or more players to win the progressive jackpot at the same time. In this case, the progressive jackpot amount will be shared equally between all winners.
  • Guaranteed Jackpot - a special prize that we add to a bingo game that is a guaranteed prize to be awarded when the winning pattern is matched. The prize can be a specific cash amount, free cards, bonus funds or a physical prize

Consolation Prize

These are special prizes that play in some bingo games. They are awarded any cards that are close to completing a winning pattern when the “bingo” prize is awarded.

Example prize:

  • 1TG = a card was one number away from completing a winning bingo prize pattern when the bingo prize was won

We may offer 1TG to 5TG prizes. All applicable cards will win a small consolation prize. Look out for TG on the game screen to see if a consolation game is in play or coming up.

Game logs

You can view the records of the games you have played by clicking on ‘History’ on the game screen. This tool shows you details of what you spent, what cards you played, and the outcome of each game