How to buy cards

To play a game of bingo you need to first purchase your cards. In order to buy a card, you need to make sure you have enough money in your bingo account. Your bingo account balance is shown at all times at the top navigation bar of the game screen or on your account page.

You can buy cards for a game after the previous game has ended and before the next game start time by entering a game room and clicking the ‘Get Cards’ button. You can buy your cards automatically or manually. If you want your cards to be randomly selected click a quick-buy button and automatically select your preferred number of cards. Clicking on a quick-buy button adds the relevant amount to the selected cards field. If you want to view the cards and then manually select them you can click the ‘choose your cards’ or ‘bought’ buttons in the pre-game information screen to open the cards area – click on any of the cards or select a strip and then confirm to purchase these cards. If you have a lucky number you can sort the cards to show only those with your number in – so you don’t miss any! Select ‘show all cards’ from the drop down menu in the cards area, choose your lucky number and the cards will be displayed. Select them, click on ‘Buy’ and good luck!

You can also buy bingo cards using our autobuy feature. This allows you to set- up and automatic request to buy bingo for upcoming game. Click the autobuy button to set-up the limits and start auto-buy. When the previous bingo game ends autobuy will request to purchase new cards based on your settings - funds will only be taken from your account at this point. Autobuy can be stopped at any time by reopening the pop-up and clicking the stop button. Remember you just have to be in the room for autobuy to work. If a game doesn’t match your autobuy settings autobuy will pause until the next applicable game.

To buy and confirm cards for future games you can use advance buy. In the game room click the Advance Buy button. Use the arrows to select the number of cards you want for each game. Click buy to confirm the purchase and the funds will be taken from your account. Important: cards purchased using Advance Buy are confirmed at this point they cannot be cancelled in the future.

Special games are also easily accessible through the Advance Buy feature. Look for them under the Specials tab and don’t miss out on any of our exciting offers. Special games include BXGXF games, guaranteed prizes games and many more. For details hover over the information icon for the game of your preference.

Free Cards

From time to time we may award you free cards that can be used to buy cards in a bingo game room. Free cards will have a published value and can be used in games with the card price with that cash value. We may restrict free card usage for guaranteed jackpot, free bingo and some promotional games – it will be clearly displayed in the game if you can use your free cards. Free cards have the same chance of winning a prize as a normal card.

Some free cards may have an expiry date and cards that are not used before this date will be automatically cancelled.


Some games may offer a special BXGXF or “Buy-1-get-1-free” - promotion cards. These are awarded when a certain number of cards are purchased. Promotional cards play as normal cards and have the same chance of winning a prize. If you have a game that is offering promotional cards they will be clearly displayed on the game room page. Promotional cards are only used in the game that they are offered.